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Screaming Shiva

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Info for Livejournal friends. [Jul. 16th, 2012|09:59 am]
Screaming Shiva
Here is a quick update since I know some of you may want to be caught up. Last month Allison and I got married, moved to Oregon, she started her first year of Residency at the Hospital, and I've started my own company.

HostFreaks.com Freakishly Affordable Domains, Hosting, Email, and more!

While I will be focusing on building my company. I also plan on working on music and novels more as the year progresses. This means I might update here more often. Maybe. I'm considering just moving to a consolidated platform that will post to multiple networks for me. This way I can keep things consistent and friends can still contact me on all places. Any suggestions for this?

I was reading my "friends" list here.. seems about 5 of you still use LJ.
I'm on FB and TW the most now.
If you have the book of face or Twitter feel free to follow me there as well.
and twitter is @Sage_Michaels
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Miss all you crazy people. [Nov. 27th, 2011|10:41 am]
Screaming Shiva
[Current Location |US, Arizona, Tempe, Maricopa, E Apartment]

Something about livejournal that I'm still nostalgic about.

Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.

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The new Lj IPhone app! [Feb. 20th, 2011|06:11 pm]
Screaming Shiva
[Current Location |US, Arizona, Tempe, Maricopa, E Krueger St]

I heart the new Lj application... I can read my friends list, and post to Lj on the go Now.

Also, since it's connected to my Facebook, you can all now read and be updated on my posts. Woot!

Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.

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Paris Burning - [Feb. 5th, 2011|12:33 am]
Screaming Shiva
[listening to: |Paris Burning - Unreleased - free download - rough cuts ]

I finally downloaded the Paris Burning albums to my banshee player today, and am listening to the rough cuts that Loki released on to the web recently. Holy shit... Having not heard these songs in a while, I'm actually blown away by them.... (humbly I might add)

Lately, everything seems like another push from the universe to get back on track with Screaming Shiva, and Paris Burning stuff. Loki and I have talked about it a lot over the past few years, but hearing these albums again is a huge motivator.

You can download the original Paris Burning Album (Whisper in the Noise) and our 2nd album of unreleased rough cuts at our website.
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Only. The. Best! [Dec. 4th, 2010|06:57 pm]
Screaming Shiva
Alive and such .... I know it's been a while. I blame part of it on face book. I blame the other part of it on computer access. My current pc sucks.... And even typing on this iPad is difficult to do...

I'm trying to eliminate a bit of debt and also save at the same time..... I want / need some new things.... Some new Clothes that actually fit my slimmer body.... , a new apple computer that rocks my socks....so I can run pro tools.... A protools rig...... And a car.... A new 2010 or 2011 black diesel Jetta.... Want. Badly...

I know I could just get any cheap ole used car.... And a wimp doze pc.... And go to the thrift shop for clothes.... And possibly even just find people who use protools to help me.........

But I want these things.... Because I want the best .... And I want it to last.

I know everything is impermanent.... But. If it getting the best means. Lasting a little longer.... Then it's worth the investment.

I'm looking to move somewhere in my job that would double my income at the very least.. More if possible.

Only the best.
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(no subject) [Apr. 10th, 2010|09:57 pm]
Screaming Shiva
It's been a while.
Facebook has unfortunately taken my soul.

Look for me under Sage Michaels.

My Skype phone number is 1.602.635.1981
My Skype Username is SageMichaels

My cell number is 1.480.363.5341 but if you call the skype phone it will forward to my cell anyway.

So there you have it.. a way to get ahold of me when I'm not on live journal.
I will probably post here more often eventually. Just been really busy with moving to my new apartment and my crazy job.

I miss all of you. If you have the above services.. add me
Additionally the skype and cell number can be called by any line.


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New phone and New number [Nov. 11th, 2009|09:58 pm]
Screaming Shiva
[Tags|, ]

Got a new iPhone today . If u want the new number ... It is on my facebook profile or you can email me.

Posted via LiveJournal.app.

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A bit about me. [Aug. 13th, 2009|12:01 am]
Screaming Shiva
I am....
A lover of women, sex, debauchery, bondage, and lace.

Fine Clothes, Finer Foods, Potato Vodka,
and the lingering scent of Kerosene after a circus freak show.

An Integral Spiritualist, and Dark-Folk Musician.

A Solitary Hindu Saivite, Gnostic, Buddhist, Thelemic Demon.

Super-conscious, Semi-conductive, Multi-functional, Supra-Sexual, Trans-dimensional, Narcissistic Mystic with Multiple Personalities.

An Awakened Dreamer, actively looking through the eyes of the Gods, and walking in the pale footsteps of Fallen Angels. I only want the world to be free, but it keeps playing peekaboo, and Hide and Seek.

A seeker of the space between the spaces,
the waking, the sleeping, the dreaming, and the deep dreamless unconscious moments between the frame rate of the universe, and the Final curtain call.

I'm constantly looking for The "Pause Button," and the "Don't Push the Red Button" button. Attempting to experience every moment... As It Is... before it fades into the secret moments of time.

I believe that even the most "Ego-less" Ego, is still an Ego.

That "Enlightenment" is an impermanent state.

That ... "It" ... "is" ..."was" ... meant to be traveled, experienced, forgotten, rediscovered, destroyed, and recreated.

That the true "IT" "IS ness" of " the god consciousness" is statistically improbable, and therefore a miracle of science, and a Wonder of both Spirit and Non-Spirit alike.

That the ...

the ...

and the ...

are all .

That the omniscience and omnipotence of the gods only stems from the fact that the "Ones" who are doing the seeing... the ones who are doing "the witnessing," ... wether actively, passively, willingly, or unwillingly... are all part of the same body, and mind of the one we call spirit.

There is nothing to be done, or undone, nothing to be realized or forgotten... to be witnessed.. or not witnessed.

We are all un-born again.. undying.. undead.. eternal..

And Impermanent.

Let those who have The Eyes to See, and the Ears to Hear understand these words...
and Find the keys to Free Themselves First.

Sage Michaels.. 08/12/2009 11:53 PM.
Shatter The Illusions, Tear Down the Veil.
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Star Trek [May. 7th, 2009|10:43 pm]
Screaming Shiva
For the win!

I won't give anything away but.. holy shit!

That is all.
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MileStone Review and Restructure? [Mar. 27th, 2009|07:52 am]
Screaming Shiva
Yesterday was a whirlwind of life changes.. I was all registered for school, and when I went to speak with HR about changing my schedule at work to fit with my school schedule...the HR doors were closed and the lights were off...All Day. Then I got a tap on the shoulder and was told that I need to sit tight on changing my schedule because I may be moved to another shift anyway, and its a shift that I've wanted for a long time. Nothing is set in stone yet, and the changes and depend on a few things, but if it happens it will be a very good thing for me.

I also took the time to talk to a few friends and co workers who are also enrolled in school, during these conversations they all said the same thing to me... Take the recording courses in August, instead of June. Take something else in the summer.

Knowing how the universe likes to speak through a multitude of familiar faces and voices I listened to what they all had to say... and they are speaking the truth.

Taking them in the Summer would mean I wouldn't get as much time behind the big consoles as I would like to have, and the classes are a little too condensed (they do in 8 weeks what they would normally do in 16 weeks so I'd miss out on about 20 extra hours of lab time and possibly a whole lot of information that could very beneficial to me.)

I am taking heed of these words, and what my friends, coworkers, and the universe is presenting.

The New Plan:(pending minor tweaks as the next few weeks progress) I will still be going back to school in June. I'm just going to take a different course. Probably a Creative Writing, or Music course related to my degree or maybe one of my more required courses like English or something. I gotta look at the course descriptions first and I'll decide on that in a few days. I will sign up for the studio classes starting in August.

Yesterday I saw a whole lot of doors for opportunity and possibility open up to me...(except the HR department) I'm taking that as an omen. The universe knows what its doing, and its giving me some amazing options so that I can restructure my life, go to school, and be happy at my job and in my home and personal life. Now I just have to walk through the right doors.
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